The 6 Most Common Causes of Low Back Pain!!

There are thousands of ways to hurt your low back!  Lucky for you we are just going to talk about the six most common we see in the clinic from day to day.


1.  Working out too much without a proper workout progression

Since our clinic tailors to active adults and athletes this is the number one most common cause for low back pain we treat.  Whether it’s doing too much CrossFit or going for a longer run than what you can handle, an improper workout progression can be a recipe for disaster.

2.  Moving in a awkward position

We have all been in a situation where we are walking the dog or reaching for something in the back of the cupboard when something goes wrong.  The dog sees a squirrel and pulls you along or something starts to fall off the top shelf and we quickly try to change positions to catch it.

This typically results in some sort of muscle strain and can lead you to be pretty miserable.

3.  Sitting for too long


Number three has become much more common than anyone would like to admit.  A recent study has shown that the average American sits up to 7.7 hours per day!  This includes sitting in the car on your way to work, sitting at work, sitting in the car on the way home from work, and then sitting at home.

Sitting has become an epidemic and can lead to many more health problems than just back pain.  That however, is a topic for a different blog post.

4.     Improper form when lifting/exercising


This next cause for low back pain continues to drive me crazy.  You hear people tell you all the time to “LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS NOT YOUR BACK!” but still we see people who attempted to lift that last load of laundry or pick up that stack of books off the floor without thinking about how much damage they are causing to their low back.

If you want to hurt your back and have back problems for years to come, the quickest way to do that is to flex your low back and try and pick up a heavy load.

5.     Bending Forward Too Much in the Morning

Did you know that when you are sleeping the discs in your back are rehydrating?  This process of rehydration makes the morning a high-risk time for an injury to the disc to occur through repetitive flexion.

It is not something you normally think about, but your morning is constantly filled with moments of flexing forward.  Brushing your teeth, putting on your shoes, and picking up the paper from outside are all examples of moments when you are flexing forward.

6.     Overuse during daily activity

Day to day use can take a toll on your low back just as much as all of the examples listed above.  How many times have you had a Saturday’s worth of yard work to do and come Sunday morning you are so sore you can barely walk?

Repetitive actions can add up and turn a normal activity like yard work into a painful next couple of days.

I put together this list not to scare you from doing anything, but to help you become aware of common things that might cause you to experience back pain.  This knowledge will allow you to be more proactive and hopefully help you avoid issues in the future.


P.S. If you’re experiencing pain in your back which restricts your ability to get through your workout or day to day chores, click here to download my free back pain tips guide which includes actionable tips I give to my patients at Elite Health and Performance.


becca dietz