Our Philosophy

Elite Health + Performance was founded on the mission of changing the expectations of health care. We believe that the current medical model is failing you by just prescribing a pill for a certain ache or pain or telling you to take a rest from what you love to do. Instead, we want to get to the root of your problem, help you fix it, and give you the tools to stay pain-free and get back to what you love doing for years to come.

In order to guide you to living your best life we believe we need to spend quality time with our patients and get to know them on a deeper level.


Our services

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At Elite H+P we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to help you get well, live well, and perform at your best.  We have a thorough understanding of biomechanics, joint function, soft tissues, rehabilitative exercises, and the demands of sport.

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Being over 5,000 years old and one of the most widely used forms of medicine, our Certified Acupuncturist provides safe and specific treatments for over 2,000 conditions.

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Using an evidence-based approach we will create a personalized rehab plan to get you back to what you love as soon as possible.